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OMMICA's mastery of sample versatility

A row of 4 conical flasks, each containing a different colour of crude oil


In this exploration, we navigate the exceptional versatility of OMMICA products, illuminating the extensive array of samples they can analyse. Join us as we delve into the unmatched convenience OMMICA brings to the forefront of sample analysis, setting new standards in analytical excellence.


Analysing with Ease

OMMICA products offer a game-changing approach to sample analysis, effortlessly handling various types of samples, whether water-based or oil-based. The beauty lies in the simplicity – no sample extraction, pre-treatment, or pre-processing is required, except for a straightforward dilution step for high concentration samples.


Comprehensive Instructions

Each OMMICA kit comes with detailed, fully illustrated instruction booklets, providing methods for managing samples at both ends of the concentration spectrum. Whether you're dealing with high concentrations (up to 90% in aqueous or 10% in oil) or ultra-low concentrations (below 1ppm in oil), OMMICA guides you step-by-step through the process.


Quality Assurance

It can also be used for quality-checking high concentration stocks: for example, that new batch of THPS that just came in claims to be 65 – 75%, but what is it really? Or you’ve got a batch that’s been open for 6 months, and you need to know how far (if at all) it has gone off? OMMICA THPS test kits are valuable here too.


Elevating MEG Regeneration

You’re running a MEG regeneration plant, and have a funny feeling that it isn’t working as well as it used to?

OMMICA's MEG testing provides a reliable method to accurately assess MEG concentration in both Rich MEG and Lean MEG streams, to evaluate the efficiency of the process. This accuracy has been externally validated by Curtin University in Australia, confirming OMMICA's analytical prowess.


Versatility Without Limits

If you have a system that needs to know how much methanol, MEG, or THPS is present: whether that’s in run-off water from an airport that’s been de-icing its planes with MEG-containing antifreeze, in cooling water that you need to know if the bugs are still being dealt with, or crude oil that has used methanol at well start-up, OMMICA can help.


Examples of Aqueous Samples:

  • Produced/formation water

  • Overboard water

  • Seawater

  • Synthetic brine (up to 20% NaCl)

  • Tap water

  • Cooling water

  • Turbid water

  • Environmental water samples

  • Solutions containing inorganic salts

  • Oil-in-water samples

  • MEG regeneration plant samples (Rich MEG, Lean MEG)

  • THPS stocks


Examples of Oil-based Samples:

  • Very light condensate (API > 50)

  • Light crudes (e.g., Brent, WTI)

  • OPEC crudes

  • Medium crudes

  • Heavy crudes (including those solid at room temperature)

  • Sweet crudes

  • Sour crudes

  • Hydraulic oils

  • Motor oils

  • Diesel, petrol


Ask and You Shall Receive

If you have a sample that you’re not sure OMMICA can analyse, fear not. Simply reach out to us at, and our experts will guide you through the possibilities.


In the field of sample analysis, OMMICA is a standout for its ability to achieve accuracy effortlessly. Elevate your analytical experience with OMMICA, where excellence knows no bounds.


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