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OMMICA™ gives MEG levels in oil, water, and condensate in under one hour.

It has also been widely used to manage MEG regeneration systems.

Correlation of MEG results using OMMICA MEG kits vs GC
MEG GC comparison.png

The OMMICA™ method for measuring MEG in water was compared to GC by a third-party laboratory. The results demonstrate the accuracy of OMMICA™, providing clients with confidence to adopt the method for their operations.

Samples of water containing concentrations of between 0 and 100 ppm MEG were prepared. These samples were then split into two aliquots and analysed using OMMICA™ and GC, in parallel, in the same lab, thereby minimising any potential differences. Each sample was tested in duplicate to reduce the likelihood of anomalous results.

Short videos showing the  analysis process for MEG samples
For detailed training videos for MEG testing, click here
Supporting information for using the kits can be downloaded here:

Subsea hydraulic fluids

OMMICA™ is used by subsea engineering companies who are using oil-based control fluids. OMMICA™ is used in this instance as it is necessary to prove that any residual (MEG) has been removed from the system, due to strict maximum limits set to prevent control failures resulting from degradation of the control fluid by residual glycol.

This can be done rapidly and accurately on site with OMMICA™, to save money on hydraulic fluid which might otherwise become contaminated, and have to be replaced.

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