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The OMMICA™ method

OMMICA products can analyse

OMMICA™ uses reagents that react only with the chemical it’s designed to assess.


This means other chemicals don't interfere with results (and why OMMICA™ is prepared specifically for each inhibitor).


Unlike other assessment technologies, OMMICA™ can be used on site, on or offshore.

Test samples are directly mixed with OMMICA™ reagents, so no manual water extraction step is required when oil or condensate are being analysed.

Support services

Samples can be sent to our Edinburgh lab for rapid testing if this is more convenient for the customer

​The option is also available to provide OMMICA staff to conduct the testing on site if this is preferred.

There are many additional support services available from OMMICA, including user training if required; which can be conducted on site or remotely.

Other applications

If you have any other applications you wish to discuss with us, such as environmental management applications (for example, analysis of airport runway de-icer run-off) please feel free to contact us.

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