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OMMICA THPS analysis

A quantitative test used to help obtain dosage optimisation in the field.

Accurate (+/- 1ppm) results within an hour.
Simple to use, with very low CAPEX and OPEX.
Customer quote: "Enjoying it, no more wasting time on titration"

This portable test is ideal for:

  • monitoring THPS concentrations as part of a pipeline biocide programme 

  • monitoring bug kill in slops tanks

  • confirming quality of supplied stock THPS 

Quantitative information from this test can help operators optimise dosage levels in near real time, ensuring biocide kill rates and potentially saving costs, where chemicals have previously been overdosed.

THPS demonstration video

This short video shows the process for running the THPS analysis. 

Supporting information for using the kits can be downloaded here:
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