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OMMICA™ gives methanol levels in oil, water, and condensate in under one hour.

Correlation of methanol results using OMMICA™ Methanol kits vs GC
Methanol GC comparison.png

The OMMICA™ method for measuring methanol in oil was compared to GC by a third-party laboratory. The results demonstrate the accuracy of OMMICA™, providing clients with confidence to adopt the method for their operations.

Samples of oil containing concentrations of between 0 and 160 ppm methanol were prepared. These samples were then split into two aliquots and analysed using OMMICA™ and GC, in parallel, in the same lab, thereby minimising any potential differences. Each sample was tested in duplicate to reduce the likelihood of anomalous results.

The graph shows that results obtained using OMMICA™ correlate very closely with the results obtained using GC. Both methods give results very close to the prepared spiked concentrations of methanol in oil.


To learn more about OMMICA™ and see the results of the correlation between GC and MEG in water testing then please see our case study.

Short videos showing the  analysis process for methanol samples
For detailed training videos for methanol testing, click here
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