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Global success with OMMICA™

Optimising MEG regeneration

This case study discusses the use OMMICA™ to analyse the MEG concentration in fluids from various points in a MEG regeneration system, giving vital information on how the plant is running. Read more.

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Methanol content assurance in Alaskan crude

An Alaskan operator used OMMICA™ to monitor methanol levels in their oil supplmentary to GC to cross-check data and validate results. Using OMMICA™ also meant various field samples could be tested in a timely manner. Read more.


Onsite analysis at Mongstad refinery

Following the successful deployment of OMMICA™ at Mongstad, the OMMICA™ method has been endorsed by Equinor for use in analysing incoming crude oil for MEG content. Read more.


OMMICA™ correlation with GC - MEG

The OMMICA™ method for measuring monoethylene glycol (MEG) in water was compared to gas chromatography (GC) by a third party laboratory, Intertek Australia. The results demonstrate the accuracy of OMMICA™, providing clients with confidence to adopt the method for their operations. Read more.


Onsite testing gives confidence to export

A North sea operator used OMMICA™ to monitor methanol levels to confirm when production fell below the 30ppm level which had been agreed with FPS. Read the full case study to find out more. Read more.


Improving MEG regeneration

OMMICA™ has been shown to be as accurate as GC, whilst being sufficiently robust to deploy offshore, and in low tech environments. Results show a direct correlation between the on site OMMICA™ technology and GC at the same ppm level with an accuracy of +/- 2 ppm. Read more.

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Confirming permit levels in Gulf of Mexico

An operator in the Gulf of Mexico pigging a mothballed pipeline containing oil, water and methanol had been given a 4 day permit to manage the methanol levels in the produced oil to below 50ppm. Failure to carry this out within the required timescale would result in penalties, at significant cost. Read more.


OMMICA correlation with GC - methanol

Intertek Australia also carried out testing to compare results of GC to the OMMICA™ method. Read more.


Caisson environmental investigation

A customer recently came to us concerned about potential corrosion effects from a high concentration of methanol which had escaped into the caisson. They needed to measure the concentration of the methanol in a water CI mix. Read the full case study to find out more. Read more.

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