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Navigating Methanol Challenges: OMMICA's Swift Solution in the Gulf of Mexico

In the complex landscape of deep-sea oil production, where challenges mirror the profound depths of the ocean, OMMICA has emerged as a key player, skilfully navigating and contributing to the operational triumphs often overshadowed by the intricacies of the industry. This Gulf of Mexico success story is a testament to the innovative power of OMMICA in solving complex problems and saving both time and money.

Background: Unravelling Complexity in Deep-Water Oil Extraction

The production of oil in deep waters, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico, is a technological ballet of sorts. Deeper wells and extended tiebacks introduce complexities, with the increased risk of hydrate formation mitigated by the use of methanol as a thermodynamic hydrate inhibitor (THI). However, the saga doesn't end there – when pipelines are depressurized or mothballed, a potent cocktail of methanol, water, and crude waits to pose challenges when the well restarts.


Challenge: Navigating Methanol Mayhem

Operators in the Gulf of Mexico face penalties for exporting crude with methanol levels surpassing 50 parts per million (ppm). The stakes are high, as failure to manage these levels within a specific timeframe can lead to significant penalties. Picture an operator with a 4-day permit to keep methanol levels below 50ppm in a mothballed pipeline – a ticking time bomb of potential costs and penalties.


Action: Introducing OMMICA – The On-Site Sentinel of Accuracy

Monitoring methanol levels throughout the day was a pressing need for the operator, making waiting for onshore lab results impractical. OMMICA stepped in as the on-site testing superhero, delivering results within the hour and allowing informed crude management decisions. With a production rate of 40,000 barrels of oil per day and minimal produced water, efficiency was paramount.


Results: From 1,000 ppm to Compliance

Testing at regular intervals revealed initial methanol levels soaring above 1,000 ppm. OMMICA worked its magic over the 4-day permit period, steadily dropping levels to a significant number below the critical 50ppm threshold. For the operator, swift confirmation of compliance within the permit limits was crucial to dodge additional fines. 

Outcome: Confident Crude Management and Cost Savings

OMMICA empowered the operator to monitor methanol levels at the LACT separator, enabling informed decisions before crude export. Trending the concentration of methanol over time provided a clear confirmation point when production fell below 50ppm. This not only instilled confidence in informing the refinery but also confirmed that the permit had not been exceeded, thus saving on potential penalties.


Summary: OMMICA – Where Chemistry Meets Business Success

In the dynamic intersection of chemistry and business, OMMICA emerges as a game-changer, solving real-world challenges for operators. From avoiding costly penalties to ensuring a confidently reported crude quality, OMMICA stands tall as the champion of efficient, on-site testing. In the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, OMMICA continues to make waves, promising a future where complexities are met with ingenious solutions.


Sonali Dhiwar

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