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Analysing Methanol, MEG, or THPS Across Diverse Samples

Interference? Not on OMMICA's watch

OMMICA is a robust method for analysing methanol, MEG, or THPS within a wide range of sample matrices. However, as most test samples are not pure, but may contain a cocktail of other process chemicals, a crucial inquiry emerges:

How does OMMICA address potential interference from the diverse array of chemicals utilized in the crude oil production process?

Surprisingly, OMMICA minimizes such concerns more than one might anticipate. A distinctive advantage of OMMICA assays lies in their species-specific nature. These assays exclusively target the substances under scrutiny, ensuring a focused analysis.

You use it? We (probably) tested it! 

OMMICA assays underwent comprehensive testing during their rigorous development. This testing covered the effects of primary classes of oilfield chemicals, including:

  • Asphaltene inhibitors

  • Biocides

  • Corrosion inhibitors

  • Defoamers

  • Demulsifiers

  • Enhanced oil recovery chemical cocktails

  • Foamers

  • H2S scavengers

  • Kinetic hydrate inhibitors

  • Oxygen scavengers

  • Scale inhibitors

  • Wax treatment chemicals


In the rare instances where potential issues surfaced, we subjected the concerned chemical classes to exhaustive OMMICA testing. Consequently, we can provide you with precise information regarding the concentration at which an issue may arise, typically surpassing the levels used in field applications.

If you find yourself grappling with concerns about a particular process chemical when utilizing OMMICA, rest assured that our extensive testing likely covers it. Simply reach out to us at for tailored assistance.

Salts aren't a problem either!

Shelves containing a variety of chemicals, mostly in white plastic bottles

For aqueous samples, our testing scope extends to a broad range of species:

  • Sodium salts (chloride, bromide, nitrate, sulphate, carbonate, bicarb, acetate)

  • Iron salts (Fe 2+ and Fe 3+)

  • 2+ cation chlorides (Calcium, magnesium, strontium, barium)

  • Organic acids (Formic, oxalic, glycolic)


If the presence of solutes in your sample sparks concerns, our team has scrutinized a wide array of concentrations, ready to address your queries.

In the dynamic realm of chemical analysis, OMMICA not only defines precision but also confidently navigates the complex seas of potential interfering species, ensuring your analyses remain unwaveringly accurate.

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