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Beyond Accurate: OMMICA's THPS Kit Takes the Lead!

Updated: Apr 30

Welcome to the world of precise and satisfying biocide assessment with OMMICA's THPS Kit! In the realm of water treatment and pipeline guardianship, accuracy is not just a requirement; it's a superpower. Enter OMMICA, armed with a portable, colorimetric solution to tackle the notorious Tetrakis(hydroxymethyl)phosphonium sulphate (THPS) analysis. Say goodbye to the days of delayed and inaccurate results – OMMICA's got the kit, and it's ready for action! 


In the world of water treatment and biocide management, it is essential to ensure the efficacy of biocides for maintaining the integrity of pipelines, slop tanks, and various industrial areas such as cooling systems. The THPS Kit from OMMICA has become a reliable choice since it offers an accurate, quantitative test for determining biocide residuals. This is a fact sheet that summarises the main attributes and advantages of OMMICA's THPS Kit. 


  1. Comprehensive kit for 40 samples: 

Each THPS Kit from OMMICA is a complete solution, containing all the necessary materials, reagents, and consumables to test up to 40 samples. Additionally, the kit includes a single blank sample to cover the kit and an instruction booklet to cover the entire testing process. This comprehensive approach ensures that users have everything they need to conduct multiple assessments without compromising on accuracy or reliability. 

  1. Portable and colorimetric test: 

OMMICA's portable and colorimetric THPS residual analysis makes it possible to quickly and accurately evaluate THPS residuals. The test's colorimetric nature makes it an effective tool for on-site applications since it enables fast visual assessment of biocide concentrations. 


  1. Addressing accuracy challenges: 

The THPS residual analysis from OMMICA solves the accuracy issues with current portable testing methods. Minimal interference is ensured by using species-specific reagents, and accuracy is increased by carefully measuring samples and reagents using a pipette. OMMICA's approach simplifies the testing procedure for the user by not requiring frequent calibration, in contrast to certain conventional tests. 


  1. Ideal for various applications: 

This portable test is useful for many applications, such as checking the quality of provided stock THPS, monitoring THPS concentrations as part of a pipeline biocide program, and evaluating bug kill in slop tanks. The test's quantifiable data enables operators to adjust dosage levels almost instantly, guaranteeing efficient biocide kill rates and possibly reducing expenses by avoiding overdosing. 


As we wrap up our colourful journey through the world of biocide assessment, OMMICA's THPS Kit remains the undisputed champion of accuracy and ease. It's not just a kit; it's a cape for your water treatment challenges. So, whether you're monitoring pipelines, checking slop tanks, or just want to feel the thrill of accurate biocide dosage, OMMICA's got your back. Dive into the world of fast, accurate, and downright fun biocide testing – because with OMMICA, saving the day has never been this easy or entertaining! 


Sonali Dhiwar 

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